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Take your pick from a huge choice of classes. Go high energy to burn calories, or try something holistic to reduce life’s stresses. Take a strength and conditioning class to tone your body or dance your way to fitness.

Super fit, super fast

Set the pace, lose fat and tone the body fast with our great range of high energy exercise classes. If you enjoy high intensity training, we’ve got everything from Les Mills Bodycombat™ and martial arts classes to our ever-popular group cycling and express aerobics workouts.

In the Gym

Gym Class

Gym Classes

Need extra inspiration? You never have to go it alone. We’ll show you the most effective way to get the best from our state-of-the-art equipment. Our taster sessions include treadmill, rowing, abs, back and core. So whatever you want to achieve, you’re one step closer.



Our circuits gym class uses a combination of the latest body conditioning equipment, resistance training and aerobic exercises to burn calories fast. You’ll enjoy a whole body workout, including the latest high-intensity interval training techniques.

Go Intense



Step classes combine the energy of aerobics with the fun of an energetic workout by using a step platform in a choreographed exercise class. Great for weight loss and cardiovascular fitness, you can step it up for more of a challenge!

body attack


A full-on, dynamic cardio workout using interval training techniques to enhance your endurance with energising music, available at selected clubs. Bodyattack™ burns calories, builds stamina and is an effective way to train for high intensity sports.

Kick it

martial arts

Martial Arts

Our martial arts classes are highly effective in promoting strength, co-ordination and flexibility. Inspired by ancient recognised ways to supreme fitness, these exercise classes also teach you valuable physical skills and life-enhancing disciplines.

body combat


A vigorous and empowering programme that draws from karate, boxing, Tai Chi and a vast array of disciplines. Bodycombat™, available in most clubs, provides a challenging cardio fitness workout – it will give you strength you never knew you had.

Something different...

interval training

Interval Training

These Tabata-inspired classes combine short intervals of maximum intensity exercise with longer periods of low to medium exercise. This type of training has been proven to burn more calories then steady state training and is great fun too.

Zone Cycling

Zone Cycling

Exclusive to David Lloyd Leisure and available at selected clubs, this is the ultimate freestyle group class, geared to making your zone cycling routine as much about fun as it is about fitness. Unleash your inner Olympian with this high-energy workout that powers you up for your velodrome ‘race’.

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