With over 90 classes every week, we need four studios just to fit them all in!

Group Cycling

Group Cycling, but not as you know it

For a low-impact, whole-body workout, you can’t beat group cycling. And here at Woking, we have a brand new studio for you to try out. We run a great range of classes each week, at all sorts of levels, so however fit you feel, we know there’s a class you’ll love. Choose between an instructor-led session with one of our experts, or one of our virtual classes – we run these throughout the day, so you can just drop by and get moving. 
Kensington blaze



Combining cardiovascular training along with strength, boxing and Martial Art skills, Blaze offers the ultimate full-body workout that’s exclusive to David Lloyd Clubs. Unleash your energy and see how hard you’ve worked thanks to unique heart-rate monitors. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you see results.

Exercise Classes Woking

Members tell us that they love the range of class we offer and with over 90 classes every week, we need four studios just to fit them all in! Our brand new Blaze studio and exercise class will really put you through your paces, while our Group Cycling Studio will get you in the zone thanks to its upbeat music and flashing lights, it really has the wow factor. Our High Impact Studio hosts tons of classes that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping, while our Mind & Body Studio is a tranquil haven in which to enjoy yoga, Pilates and all things holistic. Plus, all classes can be booked in advance online or via our super-quick mobile app. 


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  • Mind & Body Studio
  • High Impact Studio
  • Group Cycling Studio
  • NEW - Blaze Studio
  • 30 Group Cycling bikes
  • Les Mills weight equipment
  • Les Mills classes
  • Holistic classes
  • Gym floor classes
  • NEW - Blaze classes
  • Senior classes
  • Book online or via the app
  • Expert instructors